Cover Letter Example For Zoo Keeper (2020)

Do you want to write a cover letter for an animal or zoo keeper position? Check out our Youtube tutorial and cover letter example that can be used for a job application in animal care.

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Cover Letter Example

[Marcus Buffet]
[999, Academy Street]
[Asheboro, NC 93794]
[Phone Number]
[Email Address]

[November 19, 2020]

[Donald Piper]
[Hiring Manager]
[North Carolina Zoo]
[4401, Zoo Pkwy]
[Asheboro, NC 94038]

Dear Mr. Piper,

I was thrilled to read about the open zoo keeper position on [URL address] at the [North Carolina Zoo]. With a diploma in Management of Zoo and Aquarium Animals (DMZAA) and one year of full-time zoo keeping experience as a trainee, I am ready to oversee the well-being of animals, maintain their facilities and promote the conservation of threatened species and habitats at [NCZ].

To shortly introduce myself, my name is [Marcus Buffet] and I work as animal keeper at the [Animal Care Center]. I was pleased when reading the job posting because it reminds of the old days. Back in 1995, my dad caught me mesmerized watching Animal Planet. He couldn’t get me to come into the kitchen for a bowl of ice cream, but a trip to [NCZ] certainly did. I know that [NCZ] is recognized for the protection of wildlife and wild places and the opportunity to promote and work at the largest natural habitat zoo makes me feel excited. The practise I currently work for may reduce its hours, which has forced me to search for a new opportunity.

As a seasonal animal keeper at [ACC], I manage the husbandry, feeding, maintaining and cleaning of over 350 exotic and non-exotic animals. Some are potentially dangerous animals, which requires extra attention and teamwork with other keepers. During my internship at [Zoo X], I also conducted behavioural research on species and participated in public education through talks, programs and shows. That semester alone, I participated more than 30 times in the sea lion show. These events significantly improved my communication and presentation skills.

I have the physical strength to lift up to 50 pounds, and ability to work with a flexible schedule. I would welcome the opportunity to further discuss my candidacy in a personal interview. The requested documents are attached to this email. You can reach me at [+000-000-0000] or [Email Address] if you need any other information. Thank you for taking the time to review my resume.

Best regards, 

Marcus Buffet

Writing Tips For Zoo Keepers

  1. Choose a standard font and font size: ‘Calibri’, ‘Arial’ or ‘Times New Roman’ with a 10 to 12pt. font size will ensure that your cover letter is easy to read. Also, keep your cover letter short, concise and to the point. Don’t exceed the one page document and keep a word count of around 300 to 400 words and divide your cover letter into 4 paragraphs.
  2. Personalize your cover letter. For example, include the recruiter’s personal title and name in the salutation. Write: ‘Dear Mr. Piper,’ or ‘Dear Ms. Piper,’. If you are unsure about the reader’s gender, then state his full name so: ‘Dear Donald Piper,’. Try to avoid using general salutations like: ‘Dear Human Resources Manager,’, ‘Dear Sir or Madam,’ or ‘To whom it may concern,’.
  3. A strong cover letter provides context to zookeeper skills and experience listed in your resume. For example, how come you understand animal behaviour, or where does your knowledge of animal handling and techniques come from? Write a narrative story and make it quantifiable if possible. That means, include numerical and statistical information that prove you actually obtain the necessary qualifications.
  4. Avoid common clichés and don’t babble. Don’t go off on irrelevant tangents in an effort to sound witty or interesting. Also, avoid sentences like, “Ever since I was a little girl or boy” or “This job would be a dream come true”. Although it’s a great way to start a narrative story, you can set it up in a different manner. For example, maybe when you were five, your dad caught you mesmerized watching animal planet. He couldn’t get you to come into the kitchen for a bowl of ice cream.
  5. Don’t use a boilerplate cover letter. The term boilerplate refers to a standardized document method. In this case, don’t only change the zoo’s information, but instead write a unique cover letter for each job application. Although it’s time consuming, it definitely increases your chances of getting hired.

Cover Letter Example For Zoo Keeper