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Health centers will serve as a first curative referral center for Health Posts and will provide health care that will not be available at the HPs through ambulatory and some cases of inpatient admissions.

This National Strategy for Improved Hygiene and Sanitation has been developed to complement the existing health policy developed by the MoH and the.

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WASH and public health?

The Agency is strengthened through the construction of new building at federal and branch offices at regional levels that helped the Agency to expand the drug administration and control system throughout the country.

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NCDI services that can inform national and health sector strategic and operational planning. Fmoh receives and the computations are important segment of intensive and nutrition challenges could be feasible and caters for the woreda health systems may ask for. Validation of the data is done through Performance monitoring, ISS, surveys and regular inspections. Also, the implementation of IEC activities fell short of creating demand for the available services.

Ethiopia has seen sharp increases in access to basic services, although from a low base. A new health policy resulted in some improvements in population's health. If no, what should be done differently to establish climate resilient WASH and Health in Ethiopia?

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