Cover Letter Example For Machine Learning Engineer (2020)

Are you writing a cover letter for a machine learning engineer position? Check out our cover letter example for machine learning specialists.

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Cover Letter Example

[Catherine Johnson]
[Number, Street Name]
[New York City, NY 72823]
[Email Address]

[November 23, 2020]

[Samuel Smith]
[Hiring Manager]
[Company name]
[Number, Street Name]
[New York City, NY 32172]

Dear Mr. Smith,

I was excited to find your job listing for the Machine Learning Engineer (MLE) position on [URL address] under section [‘Work at’]. As an experienced MLE, I have a proven track record of designing and developing machine learning and deep learning systems. Therefore, I would like you to consider this job application for the MLE position at your establishment in New York City.

To shortly introduce myself, my name is [Catherine Johnson] and I have been creating artificial intelligence systems for the past five years at [Organization]. Currently, I seek to obtain a new, challenging and growth oriented position in my field of interest. I noticed [Company name]’s involvement in artificial intelligence and human moderation to combat spam and abuse. The developments mentioned in [article] surely are a leap forward to secure media platforms.

Over the past five years as MLE at [Organization], I have been implementing machine learning into e-commerce processes to improve customer engagement and loyalty. [E-commerce platform] had approximately five million monthly visitors whilst losing roughly 300k from bad search and my goal was to improve conversion. In 2020, we managed to boast a 13% increase in “add to cart” and an 18% increase in click-through rate. I was praised for these results (see references). I am convinced that my expertise, resistance to stress and ability to work overtime will be an asset to your development team.

I would be pleased to discuss my candidacy and demonstrate scalable machine learning solutions in production. You can find my resume and portfolio in the attachment. If you require any further information, you can reach me on [000-0000-0000] at any time. Thank you for reviewing my cover letter. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards, 

Catherine Johnson

Writing Tips For Machine Learning Engineers

  • A professional cover letter requires a formal font and font size that is easy to read. You can pick ‘Calibri’, ‘Arial’ or ‘Times new Roman’ with a 10 to 12-point font size. Furthermore, stick to a one page document with around 300 words and divide your application letter into 4 paragraphs.
  • Distinguish two styles: American and British English cover letters. On this page, you can find an American English example. Check out our Youtube-tutorial for more information about the exact differences between these two styles.
  • Address your letter to someone, and write a suitable greeting. For example, ‘Dear Mr. Smith,’ or ‘Dear Ms. Smith,’. You can use ‘Mrs.’ as the abbreviation if the recipient is a married woman. Now, if you don’t know the reader’s gender, then I’d advise you to write the full name as in: ‘Dear Samuel Smith,’. If you can’t, after thorough research, find any contact information, then I’d advise you to write: ‘Dear Hiring Manager,’.
  • Remember, your cover letter is a supplement to your resume. Don’t list your skills and experience like you do in your resume, but instead provide context with preferably numerical and statistical information. For example, what have you achieved in terms of designing and developing machine learning and deep learning systems? What about your ability to write robust code in Python, Java and R? Make sure to link these qualifications to the job requirements and exclude irrelevant achievements.
  • Pay attention to your cover letter ending. For example, “Kind regards”, “Best regards,” or “Sincerely,”. “Yours sincerely” is British, and Americans tend to reverse the order and write “Sincerely yours,”. Nowadays, Sincerely is a common and an acceptable close for American cover letters. You can also write “Yours faithfully”, which can be used when the recipient is not addressed by name, like in, “Dear Hiring Manager”. It is a British usage. “Yours truly,” is the American equivalent.

Cover letter example for machine learning engineer