Cover Letter Example For Finance Internship (2020)

Need to write a cover letter for a finance internship? Read our cover letter example and write your own version!

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Cover Letter Example

[Melanie Campbell]
[Number, Street Name]
[New York City, NY 92812]
[Email Address]

[November 25, 2020]

[Stephan Miller]
[Hiring Manager]
[Company name]
[Number, Street Name]
[New York City, NY 32332]

Dear Mr. Miller,

I am writing to express my strong interest for the finance internship on [URL] under section [‘Internships at’]. My educational background and ambitions in finance relate to the job requirements. Therefore, I would like you to consider this job application for the finance internship starting from 01.01.2020 to 03.31.2020 at your office in New York City.

To shortly introduce myself, my name is [Melanie Campbell] and I am currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Finance at the [University] with an expected completion date of [Date]. I stumbled upon an interesting article (see attachment) about a career in the financial services sector at [Company name]. The dynamic character of the industry and vibrant working environment at [Company name], as described in the article, are highly-motivating factors that made me want to apply for this internship.

I am, with a GPA of 3.96 among the 10% of students with the best academic results. For these results, I was admitted to the Elite Graduate Program “Financial Management”, a joint initiative from the [University] and [Corporation]. This program involves students into project-based lectures, workshops and seminars on [financial topics] that relate to the vacancy requirements. I believe that my project-based lectures and extracurricular experiences give me a solid foundation to become a valuable addition to your finance team.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss my candidacy in a personal meeting. Please let me know if you need any additional information. You can reach me at [000-0000-0000] or [Email Address]. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Kind regards, 

Melanie Campbell

Writing Tips For a Finance Internship

    • Use a formal font and font size for easy reading. ‘Calibri’, ‘Arial’ or ‘Times New Roman’ with a 10 to 12-point font size will do. Furthermore, stick to a one page document with around 300 words and divide your letter into 4 paragraphs.
    • Address your letter to someone and write a suitable greeting. For example, ‘Dear Mr. Miller,’ or ‘Dear Ms. Miller,’. You can use ‘Mrs.’ as the abbreviation if the recipient is a married woman. If you don’t know the reader’s gender, then I’d advise you to write the full name as in: ‘Dear Stephan Miller,’. If you can’t, after thorough research, find any contact information, then I’d advise you to write: ‘Dear Hiring Manager,’.
    • Don’t forget to answer the ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘when’ questions. Where did you find the vacancy? What position are you applying for? At which establishment? When do you want to start? And, what about the internship duration? It drags the reader’s attention, proves your attention to detail and ability to communicate effectively.
    • Your cover letter is a supplement to your resume. Instead of listing your skills and experience like you do in your cv, you need to elaborate on your motivation and emphasize what experience or achievements relate to the internship.
    • Pay attention to your cover letter ending. For example, ‘Kind regards’, ‘Best regards,‘ or ‘Sincerely,‘. ‘Yours sincerely‘ is British, and Americans tend to reverse the order and write ‘Sincerely yours,’. Nowadays, sincerely is a common and an acceptable close for American cover letters. You can also write ‘Yours faithfully‘, which can be used when the recipient is not addressed by name, like in, ‘Dear Hiring Manager,‘. It is a British usage. ‘Yours truly,‘ is the American equivalent.

Cover letter example for finance internship