Cover Letter Example For Dental Assistant (2020)

Do you want to write a cover letter for a dental assistant position? Check out our cover letter example for a job in dentistry.

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Cover Letter Example

[Kate Murphy]
[999, Second Street]
[Miami, FL 93794]
[Email Address]

[November 22, 2020]

[Riley Stewart]
[Hiring Manager]
[Dentistry Clinic]
[4401, Park Street]
[Miami, FL 94038]

Dear Mr. Stewart,

As a certified dental assistant (CDA) with three years of experience, I was excited to find the open dental assistant position on [URL] at [Dentistry Clinic] in Miami, Florida. I had the pleasure of speaking with [Name Surname] and he suggested that I contact you about the job opening. In this cover letter, I will elaborate on how my operational and administrative experience can add value to your team of dental hygienists and dentists.

To shortly introduce myself, my name is [Kate Murphy] and I heard about your clinic during the International Conference on Dentistry in Miami. According to dental specialists at your clinic, the working environment is considered dynamic, fast-paced and exciting. They feel being surrounded by a team of fellow-hardworking individuals. I would love to work in such an environment that is both personally and professionally fulfilling. Currently, I am seeking to obtain a growth oriented position in a new and challenging work environment.

In the job description, you describe the ideal candidate as someone who requires very little training and supervision. After assisting 950 dental treatments and conducting nearly 460 panoramic, bitewing and periapical x-rays, I am convinced that my profile matches. During my employment at [Dental Clinic], I also organized patient’s medical records, assisted in billing insurance and tracked weekly income and expenses. I even managed to achieve an 8% reduction in expenses by contacting new suppliers.

I am eager to further discuss my candidacy and possible contribution to [Dentistry Clinic]. Thank you for taking the time to review my cover letter and attached resume. If you have any questions concerning my application, you can reach me at [(000) 000-0000] or [Email Address]. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards, 

Kate Murphy

Writing Tips For Dental Assistants

  1. Use the appropriate font and font size: ‘Calibri’, ‘Arial’ or ‘Times New Roman’ with a 10 to 12pt. font size for easy reading. If you have room to spare, choose a size 12 font. Don’t exceed the one page document and keep a word count of around 300 and 400 words. In addition, divide your letter into preferably 4 paragraphs.
  2. Address your letter to someone. It’s important to include the recruiter’s personal title and name in the salutation. You can write for example: ‘Dear Mr. Stewart,’ or ‘Dear Ms. Stewart,’. If you can’t find a name after thorough research on LinkedIn and Google, then you need to write: ‘Dear Hiring Manager,’. It’s the best alternative according to a recent study performed by Saddleback college. If you are unsure about the reader’s gender, then state his or her full name so: ‘Dear Riley Stewart,’.
  3. A strong cover letter provides context to dental assistant skills listed in the resume. For example, where do your strong organizational skills come from? Or, what do you consider as basic knowledge of dental medicine? Write a narrative story and make it quantifiable if possible. That means, include numerical and statistical information that prove you actually obtain the necessary qualifications.
  4. Avoid using meaningless words like: “team-player”, “problem solver”, “go-getter” or go off on irrelevant tangents in an effort to sound witty or interesting. When you apply for a job at a dentistry, they are only interested in well-substantiated qualifications that contribute to their daily operations.
  5. Write a unique cover letter for each job application. Recruiter’s notice when an email is written for the masses. Personalize your letter in every way you can. It’s time consuming but definitely increases your chances of getting hired.

Cover Letter Example Dental Assistant