Cover Letter Example For Business Development Managers (2020)

Do you want to write a cover letter for a business development manager position? Check out our Youtube tutorial and cover letter example for business development managers.

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Cover Letter Example

[Philip Watson]
[Number, Street Name]
[New York, NY 34241]
[Phone Number]
[Email Address]

[October 26, 2020]

[Adrian Collins]
[Corporate Hiring Manager]
[Business Development Company]
[Number, Street Name]
[New York, NY 34432]

Dear Mr. Collins,

I was pleased finding your recent job posting for the business development manager position on [] at [BDC]. As someone with in-depth knowledge about economic and business developments, I would enjoy taking on this role and leveraging my current expertise to contribute to [BDC’s] mission to increase market share by 10%. In this cover letter, I will highlight my qualifications that could potentially contribute to your goals and objectives.

To shortly introduce myself, my name is [Philip Watson] and I am an experienced senior-level professional with a strong background in developing strategic plans for business development companies. I regularly read through [BDC’s] articles on market and customer trends. The insights are exceptional in terms of quantitative and qualitative techniques used to collect valuable information, and more accurate compared to most other competitors. I am thrilled about the prospect of joining [BDC], hence getting the opportunity to collaborate with experts in the industry. I am convinced that my strong interpersonal skills, experience and ability to keep objectives and goals firmly in sight could be of great contribution to your team.

My professional career has spanned a total of ten years, and much of the time has been spent developing growth strategies focused on both financial gain and client relationships. During my employment at [Company Y], I built and maintained a client database of more than 300 recurring clients valued at $70 million in annual revenue. In addition, I developed $13 million of new business potential with domestic and international clients through honest and deliberate relationships. In 2020, I was praised by the Board of Directors for my achievements and recognised as the face of the company in terms of: client negotiations, strategic business decisions and daily decision making (see references).

I truly believe that my networking skills and hunger to stay up to date with market trends would make me a valuable asset to [BDC]. Therefore, I welcome the opportunity to demonstrate my insights on [topic] in a personal meeting. In the attachment, you can find my resume and references. If you have any further questions, you can contact me at [Phone number] or [Email Address]. Thank you for your time and consideration. 

Kind regards, 

Philip Watson

Writing Tips For Business Development Managers

  • A formal cover letter requires the appropriate font style and font size. Calibri, Arial or Times New Roman with a 10 to 12 point font size is most suitable. Avoid using novelty style fonts like: Comic-sans, Script style or handwriting fonts. Furthermore, keep a word count of around 300 to 400 words and divide your application letter into four paragraphs.
  • Personalize your cover letter. There are various ways of doing so. For example, know to whom you need to address your letter to and include the name in the salutation. You can write: ‘Dear Mr. Collins,’ or ‘Dear Ms. Collins,’. Try to avoid generic openings like: ‘Dear Sir or Madam,’ ‘Dear Hiring Manager,’ or ‘To whom it may concern,’.
  • Include industry specific skills and personal traits. For example, a business development manager needs to have some organizational and financial planning skills. That means one should be able to understand budgets, forecasts and reports. In addition, a business development manager needs to stay current with the market trends and invest time into public relations.
  • Don’t simply list your skills and personal traits like you do in your resume, but instead provide some context. For example, you can create your own narrative using personal stories, statements, facts and evidence that prove your hard work and determination. Try to make it quantifiable, so with numerical or statistical information.
  • Maintain a tone of voice that is: confident, courteous and sincere. For example, in the last paragraph you don’t directly ask for a personal interview, but you need to initiate an interview. Also, don’t forget to thank the reader for reviewing your cover letter.

Cover letter example for business development manager