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He suffered a stroke of paralysis, the second within a comparatively, recent period, and died soon afterward. School Boys and Girls; Carletta, the human dragon, and the Four Parros. Earl had to pay before he would be allowed to proceed with the wedding. The Dramatic Review that much of the dramatic material of the future must come from the West. Sir Augustus Plantagenet A r m i t a ge. The characters are all typical and true to nature.

Ross Birchett Florence Bell Care of Dramatic Review MAXWELL ALEXANDER Scenic Artist Care Dramatic Review. In the company are Donald Blanchard, Blanche Marlin, Percy Kilbride, Miss Hamilton, Bob Oakley and Emil Rhodes. Sweet Sour Hot Soya Recipes Sweet Recipes Sour Recipes Hot Recipes. The Cat and the Fiddle, which is advertised as the show of fun, music and mechanical wonders. Teal succeeded in getting bail for his wife. Robert Mantell, actor and matinee idol. Victor, George Follansbee; Charlotte, Ethel Intropode; Lola. Anyway, Mclntyre and Heath are a whole show themselves. Margo Duffet also has an important part and does it well. It necessitated long and tedious days of travel, but through a delightful country, where I sang to thousands of people, many of whom had never heard me before.

Beck before submitting an opinion as to whether a part of the bill is to come West and a part from the South. Foltz, Frank Farrington and John Romano have been specially engaged. Glen Macdonough and Victor Herbert, made a record for the Apollo Theatre. Just now the Circle offers the cleanest burlesque and one of the brightest shows in town. Seymour does nicely as Alice Faulkner. Minstrels, next Tuesday, and then Chas. Helena CARTER De HAVEN and FLORA PARKER Assisted by WILLIS P. Henry Miller has decided to make no stops between San Francisco and New York.

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Central Theatre in San Francisco for the past two years, has been secured to direct and also to play heavies. Pantages endeavored to get control of the Grand Theatre before it passed under the control of Charles Goddard. Near Seventh THE HOUSE OF SAFETY AND COMFORT LAST TWO NIGHTS SPECIAL MAT. Wilkins would not say if Hammond had obtained employment or when he arrived at the facility. Laredo and Blake in a pantomime acrobatic act do some lively work, as do Lester and Quinn. Robert Mantell as I ago, Van Ness Theatre. Ruth Comfort Mitchell, called The Lady and the Bracelet. The next day the janitor cleaned all of the rooms as usual. The chorus worked up to the usual standard of this company. Roads, Under the Bear Flag MAY BERNARD Singing and Dancing Soubrette At Liberty WILLIAM SASS Stage Manager Jose Theatre, San Jose ORVILLE BUNNELL Personal Representative Mr.

As she strained her eyes around her in the dusk it seemed to her that despite the decorative devotion of Mr. Rialta; Milton and De Long Sisters; Tempest Trio; Howe and Edwards. Trio, in costumed operatic and Spanish airs; Jolly and Wild, in their comedy piano act. American stage, and who stands unrivalled as an actress of original methods and tragic force, is back once more to her home town with Magda.

Hammerstein should send his company out to San Francisco at the end of the New York and Philadelphia season. Army Veteran where he was a surgical technician, then an ambulance driver. The Buckleys and Frank Martin, Billy Cullen. One feature of her work that places her services so much in demand is the exquisite quality of her voice and the ease with which she uses it, getting a maximum of effect with a minimum of effort.

Elise Schuyler, formerly with the Gayity Company at the Grand, has been receiving a royal welcome nightly. The opening night is expected to be a gala evening socially, for the officers of the fleet will be present. Taffee plays the leading role and gets all possible out of the part. Salt Lake, Logan, Pocatello, Boise, Baker, Pendleton, Walla Walla, Portland, Seattle. Address Alisky Theatre, Sacramento. OTHER EX PERI ENCED STOCK PEOPLE WRITE. The Secretary and later as the nurse in The First Born. Babbitt puts a penny in the slot machine, which fails to work. The book develops the action of the play and puts into words much which is only suggested by the marvelous acting of Mr.

All but the last question could have been answered on the basis of geophysical data a decade ago or earlier. Is certain which of the stock indexes will prove the most popular. Heavy Man Wanted Principal must have rep. At one time it was thought Charles Dillingham would take the comedians under his wing, but after seeing them in Chicago he concluded not to sign them.

Zaza, and to say that she plays this Belasco heroine to the life is but mild praise compared with her deserts. Neil put In a night to a big bouse and returns Sunday night with Magda. Carle has thoroughly Americanized it and supplied all of the music. The leads, George Alison and Izetta Jewel, are saisfactory in their respective roles. FLOURNOY Now Enjoying a Successful Run at Empire Theatre, San Francisco, Cal.

Auction, in a new garb, with some catchy music and heightened scenic effects, made its annual appearance at the Crescent, playing to large business. He seems to enter quite into the spirit of the part, and both in acting and intonation is the clever English detective to the life. List ServiceIt is quite dear titey cannot take place simultaneously. Al Hallett Stage Director and Leading Heavies Alisky Stock, Sacramento prisciiia Knowles Bennett Alisky Stock, Sacramento Mundorf Chas.